ExtAspNet v2.1.7

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Released: Dec 1, 2009
Updated: Dec 1, 2009 by sanshi
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Application ExtAspNet_v2.1.7_dll
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Release Notes

ExtAspNet v2.1.7

ExtAspNet is a set of professional Asp.net controls with native AJAX support and rich UI effect
which aim at No JavaScript, No CSS, No UpdatePanel and No WebServices.

Support Browsers: IE 7.0, Firefox 3.0, Chrome 2.0, Opera 9.5, Safari 3.0+

Note: ExtAspNet bases on Open Source Projects like ExtJS, HtmlAgilityPack, Nii.JSON, YUICompressor.

Examples: http://extasp.net/
Project: http://extaspnet.codeplex.com/
Blog: http://sanshi.cnblogs.com/
Email: sanshi.ustc@gmail.com

Release History:

+2009-12-01 v2.1.7
-Add example(iframe/parentpostbackrun3.aspx), how to postback parent page through simple javascript(feedback:eroach).
-Fix some typos(feedback:bmck).
-Remove SplitColor property from Region control, and add CollapseMode, EnableSplitTip, SplitTip, CollapsibleSplitTip properties(feedback:bmck).
-Rename BorderPanel to RegionPanel.
-Add MarkInvalid method for DropDownList(feedback:sun1299shine).
-Add example for interaction of Province-Region-Town of China(data/shengshixian.aspx)(feedback:Blues T).
-Fix a regression bug when changing Tab with IFrameUrl enabled will cause the page load again(feedback:eroach).
-Fix a bug that Grid with AutoPostBack="true", RowClick event will override other control's(LinkButtonField, HyperLinkField, CheckBoxField) click event(feedback:yymaoji).


ExtAspNet v2.1.7


支持的浏览器: IE 7.0, Firefox 3.0, Chrome 2.0, Opera 9.5, Safari 3.0+

注:ExtAspNet基于一些开源的程序ExtJS, HtmlAgilityPack, Nii.JSON, YUICompressor。

示例: http://extasp.net/
项目: http://extaspnet.codeplex.com/
博客: http://sanshi.cnblogs.com/
邮箱: sanshi.ustc@gmail.com


+2009-12-01 v2.1.7
-从Region控件中删除SplitColor属性,增加CollapseMode, EnableSplitTip, SplitTip, CollapsibleSplitTip属性(feedback:bmck)。
-增加中国的省市县三级联动示例(data/shengshixian.aspx)(feedback:Blues T)。
-修正了启用AutoPostBack的Grid,其RowClick会覆盖LinkButtonField, HyperLinkField, CheckBoxField的点击事件(feedback:yymaoji)。

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