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ExtAspNet and Artem GoogleMap Control

Jan 12, 2011 at 5:07 AM

Hello Sanshi,

I am really impressed with the fantastic effort that you made in creating such a fabulous Asp.Net ajax controls. I had been trying it for two weeks now.

However I am trying to study the interactivity of ExtAspNet controls with any third party controls hosted in the same ASPX page. Say for instance I had Artem Google Map control for .NET in the same aspx page and I am trying to use the Extaspnet toolbars to create some buttons and tools and when the used press in the button I want to change the location of the google map.

Or say I have a normal ASP:Label control when the user press the ext:Button I want to change the the label in Asp:Label seemlessly in ajax style.

this is not working with me now and I even try to create a new control designer that inherets from the ControlBaseDesigner of the ExtAspNet but i cannot find enough documentation in how to extend the ExtAspNet controls. And I see no interfaces to be implemented.

Appreciate if you have any recommendations for me.