Need to add rows to Form onIndexChanged

Sep 28, 2010 at 11:25 PM

Firstly i love these controls, they are taking a bit of getting use to but well worth it.


The issue i have is this. I have a Dynamic form created in on_init and that works perfectly but the last item added to my dynamic form is a dropdown list of other rows that can be added to the form.  I have an onSelectedIndexChange event on the droppdown that when a new Listitem is selected it removes that item from the drop down list and inserts a new row in the form one row before the dropdownlist. I have all this coded and the SelectedIndexChange event is called etc but my issue is that the SelectedIndexChanged event is too late in the page life cycle for me to be able to add controls to the form and remove an item from the dropdown list.  Is there any examples on how this can be done or can anyone give me some tips?